Today in the city Delray Beach 21.02.2018
President Trump talks up dollar in Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he ultimately wants the dollar to be strong, lifting the greenback and contradicting comments made by Treasury Secretary Ste...

Trump says Mnuchin's comments on the dollar were 'taken out of context'

President Donald Trump on Thursday said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's remarks on the dollar were "taken out of context." On Wednesday, Mnuchin said a weaker dollar was good for US trade.  Tr...

With U.S. trade in mind, Trump administration talks down dollar to three-year low

The Trump administration’s chief spokesman for the U.S. dollar, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, has given an extra nudge to an already sliding greenback, shaking up currency markets in the process....

Trump says dollar will get 'stronger and stronger,' Mnuchin was misinterpreted

Trump says the dollar will get stronger over time and that Mnuchin's comments about the currency were misinterpreted.

Dollar rallies off a 3-year low in sudden reversal after Trump says it will get 'stronger and stronger'

The dollar reversed some losses, after President Donald Trump said his Treasury secretary's comments favoring a weak dollar were taken out of context.

Broadcast networks are bringing back shows like 'Roseanne' and 'Murphy Brown' to squeeze every last ad dollar out of TV until the party's over

Broadcast networks are bringing back lots of hits from the past, including CBS' just-announced reboot of "Murphy Brown." It's a smart short-term stunt programming move. But it's also something of a gi...

Trump is 'using the dollar as part of trade policy' in a way that risks a currency war — and American business could be hurt

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin rattled global markets with comments suggesting the administration actively favors a weaker dollar, an unusually blunt statement for someone in his position. Mnuchin did cav...

At Davos, Mnuchin's 'weak dollar' talk sets nerves on edge

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday broke with tradition by signaling he favored a "weaker dollar," in comments that drove the US currency sharply lower. Mnuchin's remarks at the World...

Dollar Tumbles After US Treasury Chief Welcomes Weaker Value

The U.S. treasury chief has welcomed a weaker value in the dollar, breaking with a past commitment by the U.S. government to back a strong dollar.

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